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Chamber of Commerce

Devoted to propelling the growth and sustainability of both San Angelo and the Concho Valley, the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce assumes a paramount role. The collaborative efforts of the Chamber, its esteemed Board of Directors, and its dedicated members stand as integral pillars driving progress. A legacy dating back to 1916 establishes the Chamber as a resounding voice for the business community, orchestrating forums that unite leaders and influencers to champion community welfare, employment, commerce, and education. Functioning as a 501(c)6 nonprofit entity, we tirelessly contribute to fortifying the local economy, advocating staunchly for our members, and spearheading the elevation of community standards. Our unwavering focus lies in endowing our members with exceptional value, empowering them to cultivate their enterprises in tandem with nurturing the shared growth of our vibrant community.

At the core of the Chamber’s vigor stands an adept Board of Directors comprising 18 members, fortified by an enthusiastic contingent of volunteers. Complementing this forceful alliance is a professional team of 12 full-time employees and 1 part-time staff. We are headquartered within the scenic environs of the San Angelo Visitor Center, nestled at 418 West Avenue B, gracing the landscape between the junction of Abe and Koenigheim streets (Business US Highways 277/87) along the picturesque banks of the Concho River. This strategic location not only embodies our commitment to accessibility but also reflects our dedication to fostering an environment where commerce, culture, and nature harmoniously converge.

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Economic Development

The Economic Development Department of the San Angelo Chamber is committed to positioning San Angelo and the Concho Valley region as a role model for effective market production. Our primary mission revolves around enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities and fostering wealth creation by engaging in activities such as attracting new enterprises, providing steadfast support to existing businesses, and cultivating a skilled workforce. Through these initiatives, we aim to drive customer growth, boost competitive advantage, and establish an overarching success trajectory across local, national, and global market landscapes. Our unwavering focus remains on cultivating a pool of skilled talents, precisely aligned with the evolving demands of industries, thus ensuring our region’s preparedness to fulfill the demands of future job markets.

Central to our approach are two vital committees that guide our strategic endeavors. The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) plays a pivotal role by providing insightful counsel on a range of topics including strategies, methodologies, policies, and objectives. In tandem, the San Angelo Regional Manufacturers Alliance (SARMA) lends its expertise to our efforts, particularly in supporting the manufacturing, fabrication, and energy services sectors. Through these collaborative efforts, we endeavor to create an environment where innovation flourishes, businesses thrive, and the workforce of tomorrow is equipped to meet the dynamic needs of our ever-evolving economy.

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San Angelo Is A Community Your Family Can Thrive On

Did you know the San Angelo Chamber Economic Development team has a cool tool for helping families interested in moving to San Angelo? Visit this link, and click the Quality of Life Advantages tab!