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Frontier Day

630 S. Oakes St
San Angelo TX, 76903

Price:  Free

Date:  April 20, 2024

Fort Concho Frontier Day Moves Indoors

Saturday, April 20, 730 am

Due to the impending poor weather forecasts, Fort Concho Frontier Day of Saturday, April 20,

including the Lions Clubs Pancake Breakfast and ongoing entertainment and related events, will

move inside the fort’s Stables Hall on Henry O Flipper Street. Doors will open at 7:30 am and the event

will run until Noon.

Most of the activities on the porches will also be placed inside the Stables Hall. Trick roper Doug

Whittaker, Chief Broken Eagle and the Concho Cowboys will also be on hand.

The outside activities of the vintage baseball game, living history camps, and pioneer lifeways will

not take place outside. The Regional Cavalry Competition events of Saturday will also not take

place on Saturday, but the competition events will be run on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and

Friday  mornings and early afternoons.

According to fort site manager Bob Bluthardt, “staff and volunteers and the Lions Clubs representatives

all agreed that moving the event inside the large Stables Hall was best for everyone’s safety and

comfort. We hope everyone can come out, celebrate the rains, and enjoy some tasty pancakes and

the many activities and displays”

For more information, please call Fort Concho at (325) 657-4441 or check the web site at