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Frontier Ladies Living History Workshop

Price:  Free

Date:  August 2, 2023 to August 5, 2023

Please join your hostesses Tereasa Cotter and Sharon Baird for a lovely Ladies’ Symposium celebrating summer. Including flower arranging, making a petal handbag, a smoking cap for your gentlemen, handkerchief dolls for your girls, and watercolor paintings.

You will indulge yourselves with playing croquet on the parade ground and touring the Western Art Exhibit at Fort Concho. You will have tea daily to further enjoy the

wonderful time spent at Colonel Grierson’s residence. There will be pie-making and strawberry jam-cooking sessions. You will go to the Farmers Market to find summer fruits and vegetables to serve at dinner.

Thursday evening there will be an Ice Cream Social and Folk Dance.

On Saturday evening you will attend a formal seven-course meal that is based on a 19th-century menu that was served at Fort Sill. At this dinner you will be required to wear your most fancy dresses and your partner will also need to dress in all of his finery as well!

Please feel free to dress in period clothing for each and all of the sessions and our daily teas.

August 2: Register, Flower Arranging, Handkerchief Dolls, Western Art Tour, Watercolor Painting.

August 3: Play Croquet, make Smoking Caps, Ice Cream Social, and Folk Dance.

August 4: Folded Petal Pocketbook Pie making & Strawberry Jam. August 5: Farmers Market Excursion Brunch, Formal Dinner Party.

Cost: $20 Symposium Registration Fee (covers daily tea and other incidentals).

$ S for each individual workshop (Flower Arranging, Handkerchief Dolls, etc).

$10 for the Ice Cream Social and Folk Dance.

$35 for the Formal Dinner Party (space is limited).

You must pay in advance to secure your spot in each session. You may pick and choose which session you wish to participate in.

Space is limited! Register today!

You will get a supplies list upon your registration.

PayPal, Cash App is available to ensure your place!

Sharon Baird 325-338-2149 (Text or call if you have any questions about this event).

Or email at:

Snail Mail (Check or money order made out to):

Sharon Baird

1701 N US Hwy 283

Albany, TX 76430