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123 S Chadbourne

Price:  Free

Date:  February 18, 2023

Time:  8:30 pm

Jessee Lee, daughter of Grammy-nominated hit songwriter, David Lee, is a fourth-generation musician from Nashville, Tennessee. With her father being a hit songwriter, she grew up running around publishing offices and recording studios among the best musicians and songwriters in the world. There is no doubt she absorbed all of the creativity she was brought up around and honed her craft at a young age. Jessee began playing guitar and singing by the time her hands could hold an instrument and began writing songs at the age of nine. Growing up with her father, she claims writing her own songs was a staple in her household if she was going to play music.

Jessee is one of the most unique musicians you will find with a blend of old country, soul, jazz, and folk. Lyrically, she was influenced by songwriters such as her father, Tony Lane, Dolly Parton, and Guy Clark. Melodically, Jessee was influenced by “not so country” artists such as Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, and Leon Redbone. Jessee mostly had a taste for classic sounding music with interesting chords and unique messages. Drawn to music and life before her era, her original songs will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time when song lyrics painted pictures and melodies moved your soul.