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Food, Sun, and Family Fun

The perfect walk around for visiting families and locals looking to stretch their legs and get moving, this 3-mile trek will take you on a tour of downtown San Angelo, showcasing the city’s colorful culture. Enjoy the great outdoors, public art, and perhaps some good eats and cold concoctions to cool you down along the way. Get ready for some Family Fun!

Stop #1

Start and finish your journey at the San Angelo Visitor Center, located on the award-winning Concho River Walk. Along with its natural beauty, you will discover more than just nature as you walk along the paths of the river.

As you begin your trek, stop by Kid’s Kingdom, located directly across from the Visitor Center. This park provides shaded seating for parents while the kids play.

Continue your journey down the river and revel in highly visible art installations designed and produced by Art in Uncommon Places, a local art-focused initiative known for its eccentric and creative style.

Take a break at The Bosque. The facilities include washer-pitching pits, oversized chess, putt-putt golf, paddleboats, sand volleyball, bocce ball, and concessions.

Time For Some Yummy Food!

Afterwards, you can grab a bite at Twisted Root Burger Co., located on Chadbourne St. This fun and funky restaurant is accessible by the stairway, located under the Chadbourne Street bridge. Before you head up, be sure to check out even more noteworthy artwork, like the murals and statues located under the bridge. Enjoy scenic views atop Twisted Root’s back patio, which overlooks the beautiful river.

After your burger break, treat your sweet tooth at The Latest Scoop, a locally-owned family-operated ice cream parlor, specializing in irresistible and delicious handmade ice cream.

From there, venture over to the open-air Pop Art Museum, another project headed by Art in Uncommon Places, located on Twohig. With 31 pieces, the former bowling alley showcases the work of local artists, including a piece from James Gill. He worked with Andy Warhol, an iconic leader of the Pop Art movement. All artwork has a QR code that can be scanned for information about the artist and their work. The pop art movement emerged during the mid-to late-1950s and was characterized by imagery of popular culture and consumerism. It included imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising, comic books, and mundane cultural objects.

It’s only a block’s walk to Art in Uncommon Places’ first outdoor museum, Paintbrush Alley. Located between Twohig and Concho St., the alley’s theme is based on the movie Giant and spotlights work from over 50 artists who donated their time to provide artwork in the alley.

Time To Cool Off

Next, cool off and take a peek inside The Stephens Central Library. You can grab a book with a valid library card and the kids can check out the fun and creative children’s section. Make sure to check the library’s hours and calendar of events before you go. Also located inside the library is Helen’s Bistro & Bakery. Grab a beverage or a quick bite, made from scratch daily.

There’s more to see as you make your way down Beauregard. Check out some of San Angelo’s famously quirky Sheep Statues. These fiberglass statues decorated by local artists commemorate San Angelo’s historical importance as a wool marketing center. Each statue is painted specifically for the business it represents and is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

From there, stroll down Concho Ave. to reach the Historic Murals of San Angelo, located on Oakes St. The three-panel military mural includes separate paintings representing Historic Fort Concho, the San Angelo Army Airfield, now Mathis Airport, and Goodfellow Air Force Base.

Afterward, make your way to the San Angelo City Park Pavilion, where you can take a break under the gazebo and enjoy the view and additional art installations, like the mosaic-tiled fire truck before you head back down the River Walk.

Oooh What A Day!

Finish off your three-mile journey by heading back down the Concho River Walk toward the Visitor Center. You’ll be sure to discover even more the second time around.