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Fort Concho National Historical Landmark

630 S Oakes St San Angelo TX, 76903

(325) 481-2646

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Established in 1867, along the banks of the Concho River, Fort Concho was built to protect frontier settlements, patrol and map the vast West Texas region, and quell hostile threats in the area. Constructed for the most part of native limestone, Fort Concho consisted of at least forty buildings and covered more than 1600 acres.

Fort Concho served as regimental headquarters for some famous frontier units like the 4th and 10th Cavalry. Notable military commanders such as Ranald Mackenzie, Benjamin Grierson, and William ‘Pecos Bill’ Shafter commanded here. Elements of all four regiments of the Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at the post during its active period. At full strength, Fort Concho supported 400-500 men made up of companies of infantry and troops of cavalry, staff officers, and support personnel.

In June 1889 the last soldiers marched away from Fort Concho and the fort was deactivated. After almost twenty-two years, Fort Concho’s role in settling the Texas frontier was over. Today, Fort Concho National Historic Landmark encompasses most of the former army posts and includes twenty-four original and restored fort structures. The old frontier army post is now a historic preservation project and museum owned and operated by the City of San Angelo, Texas.

Step back in time at Fort Concho. Explore the historic fort that played a pivotal role in the West.


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