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Announcing Filming Commencement on June 11th for “Losing Lalo”


For more information contact:

Walt Koenig – (325) 655-4136

Date: June 13, 2023

Announcing Filming Commencement on June 11th for “Losing Lalo,” Concho Creator Award winner of the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival

Press Conference to be held on Tuesday, June 13th at 10:00 am in San Angelo Visitors Center.

The Destination Marketing Organization has exciting news for film enthusiasts and fans of the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival! “Losing Lalo,” the captivating feature film that explores family and combat brothers grieving over the loss of a veteran due to mental health struggle, is set to commence filming on June 11th.

Leading the film project is the award-winning Latino actor and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, Johnny Rey Diaz, whose exceptional skills, and expertise have captivated audiences around the world. Diaz is currently a series regular on Amazon’s newest single-cam comedy, “PRIMO,” produced by New York Times best-selling author Shea Serrano and Michael Schur, known for producing The Office and co-creating Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Diaz’s remarkable talent can also be seen in recurring roles on HULU’s “Pam & Tommy” and ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” He has graced the screen in acclaimed shows such as “Bosch,” “Queen of the South,” and “Narcos: Mexico.”

Joining Diaz in attendance at the press conference, the remaining cast are talented individuals who are sure to bring depth and authenticity to their roles. Alyssia Rivera, Christine Longoria, Javier Medellin, Marvin Ritchie, Erik Anderson, and Patricia Corres will add their unique talents to the film, elevating the story and engaging audiences with their performances.

The visionary behind “Losing Lalo” is the talented first ever winner of the Concho Creator award, presented at the third annual San Angelo REVOLUTION Film Festival, Cedric Thomas Smith. Known for his ability to create emotionally charged narratives, Smith’s creative vision will undoubtedly captivate viewers, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

“In San Angelo we are proud to carry the Film Friendly Designation.  Having a film of this stature produced in our community is certainly evidence that this designation is well deserved. This is another great win for San Angelo!” said San Angelo Chamber of Commerce President Walt Koenig.

To mark this exciting milestone, a press conference has been scheduled at the San Angelo Visitor Center on Tuesday, June 13 at 10 am. Members of the press are invited to attend the conference, where they will have the opportunity to meet the talented cast and crew of “Losing Lalo” and gain insights into the creative process and the film’s compelling story.