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San Angelo Wins 4 Texas Travel Awards!

San Angelo has done it again!  The Texas Travel Awards have just announced their winners, and San Angelo has taken home four! 

Destination Marketing Campaign – Our Bottlenecks Are Better Than Theirs

Music Festival or Event – Wild West Fest 

Public Art – Pop Art Museum

Under the Radar Activity – San Angelo Revolution Film Festival

San Angelo has done it again!  The Texas Travel Awards have just announced their winners, and San Angelo has taken home four of them!  These awards recognize the best of Texas tourism, and San Angelo has proven to be a top contender in multiple categories.

First up is the Destination Marketing Campaign category, where San Angelo won for their “Our Bottlenecks Are Better Than Theirs” campaign.  This campaign focused on highlighting San Angelo’s small-town charm, laid-back lifestyle, and slower pace of life compared to larger cities, which has been a significant draw for visitors.

Next, San Angelo’s Wild West Fest won in the Music Festival or Event category.  This annual three-day music festival has shattered attendance records and raised over $200,000 for underfunded sectors such as public education and mental and physical health.  The festival’s mission is to celebrate all things Texas Country Music while fostering a sense of community in the Concho Valley.

The Pop Art Museum, created by Art in Uncommon Places (AIUP), won in the Public Art category.  This unique and inspiring museum is in a former bowling alley and features sculptures created by 30 local artists.  The museum is open 24/7 and is free for the public to enjoy.  “AIUP is elated to hear about the award,” Julie Raymond, President of AIUP said “This award honors the community of local artists that continue to brand San Angelo as the Visual Arts Capitol of Texas.”

Last but certainly not least, the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival won in the Under the Radar Activity.  “Our goal is to bring true indie film to this amazing community,” said James Christopher, SARFF planner. “We’re excited for the award and excited to keep growing the indie film community in San Angelo as it becomes a haven for filmmakers from all over the world.” This festival showcases independent films from all over the United States and has grown in popularity over the years.  SARFF’s commitment to showcasing diverse content, as well as its dedication to promoting independent cinema, makes it a standout activity for Texas travelers.

“After COVID, San Angelo’s travel and tourism sector has come back strong.  We are pleased not only with the number of awards that we won this year but two of our newer events, Wild West Fest and The Revolution Film Festival were recognized as the best in their categories. Our innovation in bringing new and exciting events to our community will certainly keep San Angelo as a top travel destination for many years to come”, Walt Koenig, President and CEO of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce.

“Speaking for everyone involved at Wild West Fest, we are extremely blessed with a music festival of the year and thankful for all the support San Angelo has provided throughout the years. We hope to keep providing an amazing experience and enhancing the lives of all West Texans.” Thomas Halfmann, owner/promoter Wild West Fest.

San Angelo has once again proven to be a top destination for travelers looking for unique experiences and hidden gems.  These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the San Angelo Destination Marketing Organization, Art in Uncommon Places, and the creators of the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival and Wild West Fest.  Congratulations to all the winners!

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